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04/23/2021 - 11:22

Следить нужно не только за зубами,а ещё и за старыми пломбами.ведь они запросто могут прийти в негодность.

Beauty injections

Youth injections will help you turn back the time

Unfortunately the cure for age prevention hasn't been invented yet. As the years pass there appear some changes that we all have to face. With time skin becomes less flexible, more flabby, there appear wrinkles. But it's not a secret that everyone's greatest wish is to stay healthy, young and attractive forever!  

Nowadays there exists an opportunity to postpone the aging process for a considerably long period. The modern scientists in cooperation with cosmetologists have invented  a new method to bring back flexibility and therefore young look to the skin.  

Our clinics will gladly help you if you're troubled with expression lines on your face:

  • The horizontal wrinkles on your forehead between the eyebrows;
  • In the area around the eyes;
  • Nasolabial wrinkles;
  • Vertical lines on the neck.

Aiming at maximum prolongation of youth and preserving beauty we apply the
botulin toxin injections, which help to remove the facial muscles spasm. That will help improve the way you look and make the face look calmer. Due to improvement of blood circulation at the places where the medicine was injected the skin structure is also refined. Blocking the muscle responsible for dropping the corners of the mouth will help lift them up in a natural way, which results in a more positive lips expression.

The effect of the youth injections shows slowly and is reached in about 14 days. It usually holds during 4 to 6 months.

This procedure can be held at any age, but the most optimal time is when the wrinkles have just started appearing due to the aging process. The less noticeable they are the better the result of injections will show. So we wouldn't advise you to put your next visit to the cosmetologist aside!

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