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Следить нужно не только за зубами,а ещё и за старыми пломбами.ведь они запросто могут прийти в негодность.

Ear Surgery

Ear defects correction

Ear is not only the organ that defects sounds around us, but also a part of appearance with a big aesthetic meaning and able to either delicately emphasize the harmony of one’s face, or hopelessly destroy it.

Unshapely, asymmetrical, or ears of abnormal size inflict much pain to the majority of its owners. This equally refers to both women and men, and especially to teenagers. If you have excessively protruding ears, have a very deep concha (a hollow leading to external auditory canal), or a flat helix, then you need to turn to otoplasty. Do not put off your visit to a doctor, the sooner you get rid of the depressive malformation, the more lively and colorful your future life will become.

Our clinic provides reconstructive and aesthetic ear surgery. Such procedures are mainly ambulatory and performed under local anesthesia, in more complicated cases – under general anesthesia in a special operating room. In our clinic you will undergo a full medical examination, and basing on its results we will choose the best method of correcting the defect and a type of anesthesia. Experienced and qualified surgeons will take into account all your wishes and will do their best to make you content with the final result. We will help:

  • Renovate a missing part or a completely absent external ear.

  • Fix symmetrical and asymmetrical ear protrusion.

  • Perform surgery of various defects, congenital or caused by a trauma.

  • Remove scar deformities.

Competent specialists will do everything for you to start an absolutely new life – without restraints, embarrassment and moral discomfort.

Example №1 Correction of ear shape.

Before surgery.

After surgery.

Example №2 Correction of ear shape.

Before surgery.

After surgery.

Example №3 Correction of ear shape and nasal tip.

Before surgery.

After surgery

Example №4 Correction after using ear tunnels.

Before surgery.

After surgery.

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