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Следить нужно не только за зубами,а ещё и за старыми пломбами.ведь они запросто могут прийти в негодность.

Dental cyst

Dental cyst should necessarily be treated with surgery
Dental cyst is the most common odontogenic cystic lesion which arises from epithelial residues in periodontal ligament as a result of inflammation. As a rule the process often remains unnoticed and the patients don't recognize it exists.

Where there's a dental cyst there's a danger of cyst growth
In most cases the illness shows only with the recrudescence, meaning there appears some suppuration inside or around the cyst. The regular X-ray examination will help reveal the cyst  before some serious growth or infected fluid appears. A cyst needs to be not only surgically removed but also subjected to a histologic examination of the cyst surface. The matter is that a dental cyst may conceal cystic forms of growths, and the untimely treatment of it takes too much time, proves to be rather complicated and isn't always brought to a successful result. Therefore ignoring a dental cyst may be very dangerous.

The procedure of dental cyst erasion
The surgery of dental cyst erasion consists of its coat removal. Depending on the cyst size and the organism peculiarities the bone cavity can be fully regenerated on its own, otherwise in order to accelerate this process it can be filled with osteoplastic material. The quickest possible regeneration of the gnatic structure will guarantee there appears no new cyst formation.
The reasons why the surgery should be carried out immediately:
The surgery makes it possible to reveal the cyst growth at once.
With the timely surgical intervention one can exclude complications, such as highmoritis.
The tooth alignment integration is preserved as the teeth close to the cyst aren't damaged.

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