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Следить нужно не только за зубами,а ещё и за старыми пломбами.ведь они запросто могут прийти в негодность.

Dentistry Dental

"Med-beauty" Clinic: we are constantly concerned about protecting the health of your teeth!

Now there's an easier way for your dentist to provide you with a gleaming smile! It is evident that in our society it is desirable to have healthy and beautiful teeth, but unfortunately there are only a few people within the greater population who are lucky enough to enjoy this. Our specialists can help to restore your teeth, and then you will once again have a sparkling smile. And for those who are fortunate enough to have healthy teeth, we help to preserve them into the future for many years.


Dental care for children: healthy teeth - a happy child!

Friendly smiles, cozy armchairs, a coffee bar, happy children, and uninterrupted relaxation… it sounds more like a vacation than a trip to the dentist! Knowing that no two children are the same, the outstanding team at "Med-beauty" patiently works with each child to ensure that the experience of each patient is a positive one.

Creating positive experiences demands our very best efforts. Having good doctors is a start, but really that’s only a small part of the picture. The members of our remarkable team have the education and the abilities that we all expect, but even more importantly, we are aware of the fact that children are not just ‘small adults’―far from it! Children need and deserve a slower, more thoughtful, more insightful approach. We recognize that we need to learn to think as children think. Then your child will be eager to rush to the dentist, and his reward will be a healthy smile!

The Hollywood Smile - it really exists!

Among the services available at our clinic are professional cleaning and whitening of the teeth, and the ‘Air-flow’ procedure for plaque removal. Carrying out these procedures regularly will help your teeth to remain healthy, and your smile will be healthy and sparkling. Professional care of the teeth and mouth can prevent many diseases and makes it possible to avoid the loss of any teeth.

Aesthetically-designed prosthetics restore attractiveness

The problem of missing teeth is successfully dealt in our clinic by the process of dental implantation. Our specialists organize this procedure in such a way as to cause you the least discomfort. Our Kyiv clinic uses only the latest dental technology and medical advances. Among them are metal-free ceramics, which makes it possible to produce reliable, lightweight and aesthetically appealing crowns and dentures. Metal-free ceramic differs from metal ceramics in that it represents a newer and superior type of dental technology. Our crowns and denture veneers are made from the best metal-free ceramics which very closely duplicates the natural colour of the tooth and has excellent functional properties. and drill bits for implantation is used we use only certified qualitative materials ceramics.


We perform totally pain-free tooth extractions

Ultrasonic surgery is a new area in dental technology which makes it possible to perform painless and non-traumatic extraction of teeth.

Advantages of our clinic:

  • Utilization of the most advanced technology and equipment.

  • Qualified and experienced staff.

  • Usage of high-quality materials..

Your child will enjoy visiting our centre!


Price (UAH)

Initial consultation


Photopolymer fillings

from 440 to 1900

Treatment of pulpitis single-channel tooth 

from 1000 to 2000



Cleaning the "Air-Flow"


Complex cleaning teeth


Treatment caries ICON




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