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Advice from dentist: better prophylaxis than treatment

Advice from dentist: better prophylaxis than treatment

Lazaridi Yana Anatolievna - a dentist who deals with endodontic treatment of teeth. The most common obstacle to a timely preventive visit to a dentist is fear, and instead of treating small caries patients come with acute pain 

and it is already necessary to treat such diseases as: pulpitis or periodontitis. Pulpit is inflammation of the neuromuscular bundle located in the cavity of the tooth. Periodontitis-disease, in which the inflammatory process passes from the pulp to the top of the root of the tooth and affects the surrounding tissues. Qualitative endodontic treatment is a key to the success of the further restoration of the function of the tooth and its successful restoration. Sitting in the chair our therapist, patients forget about fear, receive high-quality painless treatment and pleasant communications with the doctor. Often a doctor's confidence is the patient's sleeps in the armchair. You have a rest, and in the meantime, we give you a healthy and beautiful smile!

Examples of endodontic root canal treatment:

36 tooth before and after endo-adhesion.






24 tooth - poor-quality endodontic treatment has led to the development of a center of destruction of the bone around the root. Complete instrumental, medical treatment of the root canal and high quality filling (obturation) - this is helps to restoration of the bone around the root of the tooth.



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