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Dental treatment under a microscope

Dental treatment under a microscope

Dental treatment under a microscope
In our clinic, a microscope is used for dental treatment, which is a progressive direction, since optics allow for continuous monitoring during treatment, helps the physician to refine the anatomical structure of the root canal and facilitates the implementation of the main stages of preparation and sealing.
The main advantages of using the microscope are excellent illumination, which increases the accuracy of all procedures, and a significant optical increase, due to which anatomical features, areas affected by the carious process, as well as remnants of permanent and temporary filling material can be identified with greater efficiency.
The dental microscope helps the dentist diagnose the problem faster and find the best ways to solve it, which means that it is necessary to carry out constant visual inspection. The key to successful endodontics is careful treatment, reliable disinfection and hermetic closure of the root canal, and the first step is to determine the mouths of all root canals. However, often their detection is difficult. Some root canals are not detected and remain untreated and unsealed, which subsequently leads to an unsuccessful outcome of the treatment as a whole. From the way the access to the canals of channels is created, the preparation of the channels themselves largely depends.
A new direction is the use of a microscope for restorations, seals and dentures for prosthetics. The accuracy of such works will necessarily prolong the durability of the work performed.
Dental treatment under a microscope allows to avoid many mistakes that the doctor admits due to lack of visibility.
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