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H4 and Pitts21 braces

H4 and Pitts21 braces

H4 and Pitts21 braces - a compact system for creating a beautiful smile
There is an opinion that metal braces are an inefficient and cumbersome relic of the past. However, the experience of dentists and the achievements of production prove the opposite - the H4 and Pitts21 systems work faster and the number of visits to the doctor is halved.
In the struggle for a beautiful smile and even teeth, one of the most effective tools is the H4 and Pitts21 braces.
Many customers doubt whether to give preference to metal braces, when traditionally ceramic are considered the least visible.
We list the main advantages of braces H4:
• Visits occur every two months.
• High positioning braces - they are less visible on the teeth.
• Forming an aesthetic smile line is a digital smile design.
• Reduction of the period of orthodontic treatment by 30%
Thus, H4 and Pitts2 have the best combination of qualities of self-ligating systems. In addition, they are available even to patients who are allergic to metals, since they are made from hypoallergenic alloys.
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