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Icon is an abbreviation of Infiltration Concept, which means the concept of infiltration. Infiltration is a microinvasive, that is, spontaneous treatment of teeth. The principle is that the liquid light-absorbing material penetrates the porous enamel and reliably "seal" the open surface of the tooth.The drug Aikon has been developed by the German company DMG and has been around the world since 2000.
Indications for use:
• Primary and superficial caries (without the formation of a defect of the enamel);
• Fluorosis;
• Enhanced hypoplasia;
Advantages compared to traditional seal:
• completely stops the further development of the caries;
• allows you to save "live" tooth tissues and reduce the frequency of medical interventions;
• Does not require anesthesia;
• Provides long-term preventive effect - at least for six months;
• irreplaceable for bracket wearing patients;
• Suitable for women during pregnancy.
What are the advantages of the ICON caries infiltration method?
Stops the development of the carious process and the further destruction of the tooth (provided that the caries was observed by the doctor dentist on the reception) The process of caries treatment with materials ICON passes without pain, without anesthesia and damage to the integrity of the dental tissue - the preparation of a drill.
Caries can be cured for one visit to the dentist.
The result of treatment of carious lesions of dental tissues was confirmed by diagnostics on Retgenovsky equipment.
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