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Mesotherapy of the face

Mesotherapy of the face


Mesotherapy of the face
Mesotherapy solves a number of skin problems. This is due to the fact that the necessary substances are found directly in the tissue and the active substances can work from the inside, solving the problem, and not just masking its external features. Cocktails for mesotherapy are quite different in composition: depending on the desired purpose, their composition is chosen by the doctor. For example, in the treatment of cuproza, in the composition of the cocktail there will be components that strengthen the walls of the vessels. When fighting wrinkles - anti-aging and moisturizing components. And in the treatment of acne - antibacterial and absorbent substances.
When to start and how to decide on mesotherapy?
A few years ago in society there was a belief that mesotherapy is a procedure for women of all ages. Everything has changed today. So, to this method of treatment resorted not only to fight wrinkles, but also to treat other skin ailments: acne, greasiness, pigmentation spots, cuperosis, cellulite and even hair loss. Doctors recommend doing mesotherapy when a specific problem arose and not waiting for any age. The sooner the skin begins to be treated, the less effort it will take.
Mesotherapy of the face in the summer: goals and objectives - the fight against dehydration, dryness, fluidity, loss of skin elasticity. With such problems in the summer season almost all women, regardless of their age and type of skin, face. In order to eliminate or avoid such manifestations, complex skin care should be directed to the creation of a hydroscope that will not allow intracellular thirst and fill the water balance in the sun-dried skin.
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