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Seven rules for choosing a toothbrush








NEW !!! From today in the Clinic, Med-Betty, cosmetology procedures for the care of Dr. Spiller Cosmetics.

NEW !!! From today in the Clinic, Med-Betty, cosmetology procedures for the care of Dr. Spiller Cosmetics.

Why Dr. Spiller and what are the benefits of this cosmetics?

1. Dr.Spiller has more than half a century history and impeccable reputation.

2. According to the concept of natural skin care Biocosmetics Dr. Spiller is created on the principles of phytotherapy.

3. Cosmetic products contain the entire spectrum of lipids, identical to lipid skin, derived from plant material.

4. In production, natural components are used in optimal concentration in strictly scientifically sound doses.

5. All components have non-promotional, but laboratory-confirmed efficacy and safety.

6. Company Dr. Spiller replaced animal-derived ingredients with components similar to those derived from plant material.

7. Plants necessary for the production of cosmetics are carefully grown on their own plantations, located in ecologically clean corners of the globe. The missing components contained in the author's formulations of Dr. Spiller are purchased after strict quality control.

8. For the production of biocosmetics, one of the most important components is water. For products Dr. Spiller uses "live" water with an ideally balanced composition of mineral salts and trace elements from the thermal springs of the Alpine Mountains. Such water can not be created in laboratory conditions.

9. Cosmetic products hypoallergenic, not comedogenic, do not contain synthetic ingredients, dyes and flavors.

10. Cosmetic products do not contain genetically modified products.

11. Due to the production of cosmetics in the conditions of similar production of pharmacological preparations, the quality control of ingredients and finished products is carried out at all stages of its production.

12. Finished products are NOT tested on animals, but by independent laboratories and meet the highest international standards: INCI / GMP in Europe, Kosheisho in Japan, CTFA / FDA in the United States.

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