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Ultrasound surgery

Ultrasound surgery

Ultrasound surgery
Ultrasound surgery in dentistry is used for any surgical manipulation: tooth extraction, sinus lifting, bone grafting, implantation of teeth, etc. Propyl is performed with the help of ultrasound, so that the surrounding tissues of the gums, vessels and nerves are not injured, and the bone itself is cut as thinly and exactly.
Advantages of ultrasound surgery:
• Minimal damage to soft tissues of the oral cavity, maximum safety for patients;
• high accuracy and speed of operation;
• absence of bleeding during and after surgery;
• the ability to conduct operations in hard-to-reach places;
• Reduction of the terms of rehabilitation after surgical intervention;
• soreness in the postoperative period decreases;
• antibacterial effect of ultrasound, additional antiseptic treatment of the wound.
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