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H4 and Pitts21 braces - a compact system for creating a beautiful smile



Veneers are a kind of thin plate made of such material as ceramics. They are installed mainly on the frontal teeth, to improve their appearance. The thickness of the plates is 0.5 millimeters. Teeth covered with plates do not have any differences from the real ones.
With the help of veneers you can:
● restore tooth enamel;
● remove fluorosis spots from the tooth surface;
● tetracycline teeth;
● transform your teeth;
● fix the surface chips;
● straighten the tooth shape;
● hide gaps between two adjacent teeth.
It takes a little time to put the veneers, but several times you need to visit the dentist's office to do everything in perfection.
To create an ideal shape, remove the impression from your teeth, then you can make veneers on it, and then install it on your teeth.
Veneers are absolutely safe. To install them, you do not need to grind your tooth, but only a part of the tooth enamel.
Choosing a restoration using veneers, you will become a direct participant in the modeling of the smile of your dreams. DSD (DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN) is a computer-aided design of a smile, in the creation of which you participate together with your attending physician. DSD-concept allows you to see yourself with a new smile even before all the work is done. After you choose the design that suits you, you will get a wax forecast, which will visually demonstrate the expected result. In the end, you get the perfect natural, only your smile, which you dreamed of!
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