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What is the cofferdam and its purpose in dentistry

What is the cofferdam and its purpose in dentistry

Do you know that all dentists love latex material named "cofferdam"? It was invented back in 1857 ... You just imagine how it was long time ago!!! Kofferdam (German Kofferdam) or "rubber-dam" - a latex plate designed to isolate one or more processed teeth from the rest of the oral cavity during treatment.

So, back to history ... In 1883, Dr. La Roche (France) announced the use of the cofferdam since 1857, and in June 1864, Sanford Christie Burnham (1836-1885) - a New York dentist, at a meeting The Society of Dentists in New York organized a demonstration of the use of the cofferdam in front of colleagues.

---(the first cofferdam looked like this)




---(patient with established cofferdam in modern dentistry)



In conclusion, I want to name the advantages of this invention:

Cofferdam facilitates the work of a doctor. It provides good access and visibility, protects the tooth from getting liquids (saliva, blood), and, therefore, from contamination of the "working field" by microorganisms that can cause complications in the future in the form of a recurrence of caries or pain in the teeth where the root canals were treated. Also, if biological fluids get into contact, the adhesion (gluing) of the seal to the tooth may decrease. Even the moisture released during breathing can be the reason for the short life of the restoration.

The author of the article is Lazaridi Yana - the therapeutist-dentist of "Med-Beauty" Clinic

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