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Seven rules for choosing a toothbrush










The most effective means for exfoliating are scrubs and peels.
Exfoliate necessarily used for deep cleansing. The skin is cleaned of dead cells, so that the pores open and it begins to "breathe."
Peeling is recommended to prepare the skin for the next stage of care for better penetration of active ingredients.
Peeling - is a great way to update all of the cells of the skin, fill them with energy and strength.
  • skin diseases
  • Allergies to composition of scrub
  • inflammation and open wounds
Exfoliation helps with the following problems:
  • cellulite
  • stretching
  • fading skin
  • overweight
  • smooth and elastic skin
  • deep penetration of active substances
  • exfoliate dead skin cells

The course depends on the skin of 3- 5 treatments at intervals of one week.
For maintenance should be performed 1 procedure in a month. Treatment time 30 - 40 minutes.

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